The team at Mila Maintenance and Installation have taken an innovative approach to creating social media content by setting up a Whatsapp Group for taking photos and videos whilst they are out on site.

Each member of the site-based team has joined the group and there have been immediate benefits. Contract Manager Dean Bradford takes up the story.

“This is a really innovative idea which all the team has really taken on board and embraced. The immediate benefit is that it has significantly increased the amount of social media content we have been able to produce, but equally as importantly it has created a real buzz within the team with all the guys trying to play their part and find interesting content to share with their colleagues”.

“We recently took a video of a fire door installation we had completed showing the automatic opening and closing mechanisms working in practice. It showed people how these products work and the importance of them being installed correctly. Being able to show before and after shots is also proving really popular and being able to share within the team and with our customers the range and variety of work we get involved with is also attracting a lot of attention”.

“There was also a really nice case study of a new door we were able to install and customise for a severely disabled elderly lady which has made her life so much better, and it was great to get her comments and share those with people as well”.

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