When Is World Environment Day, And How Can The Construction Industry Play Their Part?

Being environmentally aware is more important than ever before, and it is important to embrace every opportunity to raise awareness of how we can take care of the planet. Here, we will look at how we can celebrate World Environment Day and how the construction industry can play a part.

When Is World Environment Day?

World Environment Day happens yearly on 5th June. Founded in 1974, each year a different country plays host to the day, and this year Sweden is hosting and providing World Environment Day information and education. The tagline that Sweden has chosen for World Environment Day 2022 is “Only One Earth”.


What Is World Environment Day for?

This special day is designed to increase awareness of environmental protection all across the world. The “Only One Earth” theme of 2022 aims to highlight the importance of making sustainable choices and creating a sense of harmony with the natural world. With a focus on taking positive action and reconnecting with nature, World Environment Day is more important than ever before.


How Can The Construction Industry Play a Part?

The construction industry can play an integral part in taking care of the environment. Using preventative maintenance ensures that equipment on-site remains smooth running and reduces environmental damage overall. Preventative maintenance can include replacing parts regularly and cleaning machinery often. This can also include making sure that equipment is inspected and remains efficient, being replaced and updated when necessary.


What Other Measures Can You Take?

Across the entire industry, there are other measures that we can take to become more environmentally friendly and decrease our impact on the planet. By limiting the materials used, we can reduce our waste, and look to conserve energy in everything we do. This can include working with machinery that is as energy-efficient as possible. It is also becoming increasingly easy and affordable to opt for sustainable materials in construction, leaving an environmentally conscious mark on our projects.


Mila Maintenance celebrates World Environment Day, and we prioritise environmental protection by ensuring that all the products we use meet requirements and are environmentally friendly. For example, our Window Overhaul service increases how long windows last and reduces the number of repairs necessary, which can be expensive and create waste. With this and other preventative maintenance activities, we try to reduce financial and environmental costs all year round.


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