Why BM Trada Is The Industry Standard For Fire Door Safety

Every year, there are around 150,000 fires in the UK, leading to an average of 250 fatalities. One of the reasons that fatality numbers are so high is that fires can reach a temperature of nearly 600oC in under four minutes, quickly consuming buildings. Fire doors can make a real difference in arresting the spread of fire so that people can escape, so it’s important that the doors you install do the job there supposed to.  Here’s the Mila Maintenance guide to BM Trada and why choosing a certified Doorset is the correct approach when choosing a Fire Door.

What Is BM Trada?

BM Trada is an independent accreditation that is internationally recognised as a gold safety standard. The scheme offers advice, testing, inspection, and certification for products used in the fire safety industry. As a third-party certification, BM Trada is externally regulated, ensuring the quality and authenticity of its accreditations.

What Is The Q-Mark?

BM Trada includes a quality mark (Q-Mark) system. The Q-Mark is a set of standards and formal certifications that demonstrates complete rigour regarding testing and safety. The scheme has the aims of raising fire door installation standards, ensuring that fire resistance capabilities are maintained, and maximising the service life of the products. The Q-Mark considers every stage of the project, including fire door design, additional materials, and installation protocol. As such, the Q-Mark indicates that every known step has been taken to guarantee the highest levels of safety.

How Does The Q-Mark Apply To Fire Door Installation?

Correct installation is essential to the effectiveness of a fire door. The number of hinges, size of any gaps, quality of intumescent seals, fire-rating of the letter plate, sealing of the air transfer grille, and the surrounding panelling must all be considered. The Q-Mark installation scheme ensures that each of these components is in place, guaranteeing that the door will perform according to its specifications.

What Are The Benefits of BM Trada and The Q-Mark?

The BM Trada scheme can benefit companies in several ways. Firstly, its authentic stamp of approval guarantees compliance with buildings regulations and government guidance. As such, it offers an extra layer of protection for landlords and commercial property owners, and reassures your residents. Additionally, it ensures that fire doors are fitted correctly. This is important because when fire doors are incorrectly installed, they may not work, as was seen in the tragic case of Grenfell Tower.

Is Mila Maintenance BM Trada Accredited?

Mila Maintenance selected BM Trada to ensure the safety, quality, and effectiveness of our fire doors and installation scheme. Our fully qualified and accredited team provide specialist installation, inspection, and – where necessary – repairs to enable fire doors to satisfy the Q-Mark standards. Our guarantee ensures world-leading levels of fire protection and complete adherence to government and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) requirements. As such, our customers can enjoy peace of mind and on-going support.

What Next?

If your domestic or commercial properties require new fire doors, or testing and repairs to existing fire doors, Mila Maintenance and BM Trada have you covered. For more information, please give our fire safety maintenance team a call today.

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