Why Does Quality And Testing Matter In A Window Restrictor?

Window restrictors are important safety devices that are installed within the window frame to prevent the casement from opening past a designated point. In high-rise buildings, the risk of a fall from height via an open window is greater than from a lower-storey or ground-level window, so window restrictors play a vital role in reducing the risk of an accident.

The Importance Of Quality And Testing

There are many types of window restrictors available, so you should take expert advice to make sure that the correct devices are fitted to your property’s windows. However, it is also important to choose restrictors that are proven to be designed and manufactured to the highest standard, for the following reasons:

Compliance With Internationally Recognised Standards

High-quality window restrictors can make the difference between life and death in the case of an accident. When a poorly manufactured or fitted window restrictor is exposed to direct pressure, it may fail instantly, causing the casement window to suddenly fly open and the occupant of the building to fall through the opening.

Window restrictors, supplied by Jackloc, are rigorously tested in three different ways to comply with British Standards:

  • Static Load Test: Window restrictors should sustain a force of 350 Newtons for one minute. Our window restrictors can hold a force between 2,117 Newtons and 4,800 Newtons.
  • Impact Test: To assess the window restrictors’ ability to withstand an impact, a 50kg force is dropped onto the window from a height of 200mm. The window restrictors we fit to withstand the same weight dropped from 300mm.
  • Percussion Test: A3kg head which is attached to a 0.6kg arm is impacted at the most vulnerable part of the window restrictor three times to measure the resistance. Our window restrictors consistently meet the criteria of this test.

Ability To Resist Pressure

How effectively a window restrictor can resist pressure depends on several factors, with the quality of the components key to its effectiveness. For example, the overall strength of the restrictor is determined by the strength of the cable, the screws (including their length), and the body material. Only the highest quality window restrictors, subjected to challenging tests, will offer the necessary strength to prevent the window from being forced open.

At Mila Maintenance, we exclusively use Jackloc window restrictors, which are the strongest devices of their type on the market. Manufactured to globally recognised British Standards, Jackloc restrictors will deliver outstanding performance, even when subjected to extreme pressure.

Quality, But Not At Any Price

Opting for the cheapest window restrictor may be tempting, particularly when facilities maintenance budgets are tight, but the same level of quality, proven by rigorous testing, cannot be achieved by cost-cutting. Testing will ensure that every window restrictor meets the grade. In comparison, cheaper, less robust devices, will not be subjected to the same degree of testing and, therefore, cannot be trusted to perform adequately.

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