Why Hold-Open Devices Are Beneficial For Your Fire Door

Fire doors, by law, should never be wedged open. If a fire breaks out and people are injured or killed because of fire doors being left open, the landlord or property manager could face prosecution.

However, in some situations closed fire doors can have a negative impact on the way people live or work, for example by preventing the free flow of people and fresh air around a building. Fire door hold-open devices can be installed to legally keep doors in the open position until an alarm activates, at which point they automatically close to prevent smoke or flames from spreading.

How Does a Hold-Open Door Device Work?

A variety of hold-open devices are available for different types of fire doors, and it is important to be aware that not all devices are suited to all locations. For this reason, it is essential to obtain expert professional advice before installing hold-open devices on your premises.

There are two main types of fire door hold-open device, which may be incorporated into the door closer mechanism or installed as a separate attachment:

  • Electro-magnetic, linked directly to the fire detection system.
  • Acoustic, which operate as soon as the fire alarm is triggered.

Both device types feature a trigger mechanism that releases the fire door from its open position in response to an external stimulus (such as an electronic signal or an audible sound). Hold-open devices, which can keep a fire door fully or partially open, require a reliable power supply, either mains electricity or battery.

What Causes a Hold-Open Device To Trigger The Door Closure?

Automatic door closure should occur in response to:

  • Activation of a fire alarm, either by an automatic fire detection system or a manual alarm call point.
  • An acoustic or wireless signal from a fire detection system.
  • Manual release.
  • Power supply failure.
  • Fire detection system failure.
  • Mechanical failure.

What Regulations Apply To Fire Door Hold-Open Devices?

For peace of mind and to ensure correct operation in the event of a fire, hold-open devices should comply with these regulations:

Doors fitted with a hold-open device should be closed overnight when there are (usually) fewer people moving around the building.

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