Why You Can Rely on SafeContractor Accredited Companies For Your Project

When you are planning a window and door installation project, it’s vital that you have confidence that your partners will deliver a safe service that prioritises Health and Safety for personnel and the public.

However, when you are keen to get the project underway, extensively investigating each supplier’s credentials can be time-consuming. The SafeContractor accreditation scheme provides a simple and reliable solution that can save time and money while giving reassurance about the commitment of partners to the highest standards of Health and Safety.

What Is SafeContractor Accreditation?

SafeContractor is a Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) accreditation scheme that acknowledges a member’s organisation’s ability to deliver high levels of health and safety management. To achieve this, SSIP gathers and validates health, safety, financial, and ethical information to ensure that organisations are compliant.

  • Founded in 1999, SafeContractor has over two decades of experience in health and safety.
  • Their aim is to cut bureaucracy to complete certification applications.
  • They eliminate the need for suppliers to seek separate pre-qualification questionnaires.
  • SafeContractor allows members to showcase their abilities to clients.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With A SafeContractor?

So, how can your organisation benefit from working with an accredited SafeContractor?

  • SafeContractor accreditation instils confidence throughout the supply chain. Approval is only given to businesses that are proven to operate safely and responsibly in accordance with relevant legislation.
  • Working with a SafeContractor will enhance your reputation as it will reflect positively on your commitment to high levels of health and safety.
  • Both parties can save time and money by choosing a SafeContractor, as pre-qualification questionnaires will not be required. All necessary checks will already have been completed and validated as part of the application process.
  • Contractor onboarding is faster, enabling projects to get off the ground promptly.

Mila Maintenance: An Accredited SafeContractor

At Mila Maintenance, we are proud to have recently renewed our SafeContractor accreditation status, which complements our other certifications and confirms that we are a trusted provider of window and door installation, maintenance, and repairs.

To tell us about your project, please call Mila Maintenance today on 08081008881 or request a call back from our knowledgeable and friendly team.


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