Why You Should Choose a Jackloc-Approved Installer

Falling from height and window safety are key issues for our customers so I have invited Eric Collins from Jackloc to provide his insights:

An open window in a high-rise or medium-rise building poses a potentially serious risk to health and wellbeing; sadly, there are too many incidents of people falling from height and suffering life-changing or fatal injuries.

Window restrictors – simple but effective devices that are fitted within the window unit – offer essential protection by limiting how far a window can open. However, with a range of restrictors available, it is important to choose one that is suited to your window type and of sufficiently high quality, to avoid a premature failure that puts residents in danger.

Jackloc Restrictors From Mila Maintenance

Mila Maintenance is an approved supplier of Jackloc window restrictors and can provide you with a visit to your property to replace your current restrictors with ones from the Jackloc range.

So, why choose an approved Jackloc installer over another supplier?

Extensive Variety

Jackloc window restrictors are available in a wide variety, so you can specify which will meet your requirements most suitably. An inappropriate choice may result in poor performance or premature failure, putting people at risk of a fall from height. At Mila Maintenance, our experienced and knowledgeable window and door installation team can conduct a site visit to advise you on the best option for you.


An approved installer can customise your chosen model to meet the size requirements of the window frame. This optimises their performance and minimises the chance of the restrictor failing.

Tested To Exceed British Standards

All Jackloc window restrictors have been subjected to strenuous tests to ensure they meet or exceed British Safety standards. These tests ensure that the restrictors allow windows to open no more than 100mm and resist high levels of pressure and stress, making them suitable for a range of commercial or residential buildings, including hospitals, care homes, student accommodation, and high-rise office buildings.

The Best Quality

As a Jackloc-approved installer, Mila Maintenance will ensure that your windows are fitted with the highest quality and strongest restrictors on the market. This provides reassurance for building managers, residents, employees, or service users that they will be protected from accidental falls from height, while valuable assets will also be safeguarded as intruders will find it extremely challenging to enter through the windows.

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