Why You Should Choose An Official Jackloc Restrictor And Not A Cheap Copy

Window restrictors are security devices that limit the opening width of a window aperture to reduce the chance of an accidental fall. Suitable for commercial properties such as hotels, hospitals, care homes, and student accommodations, window restrictors are available in a range of designs and styles, and at a variety of prices. Window restrictors are available at a range of price points, with the best quality devices in the UK produced by Jackloc. In this article, we explain why Jackloc window restrictors are well worth the extra money in terms of improved security, safety, and reduced maintenance costs.

Jackloc Window Restrictors: The Best That Money Can Buy

Jackloc window locks prevent windows from opening more than 100mm: wide enough to allow plentiful ventilation into a room, but too narrow for the average person to fall or climb through. With falls from windows sadly common, leading to life-changing or fatal consequences, window restrictors play a vital role in keeping vulnerable people safe.

Conforming To British Standards

British Standards are a globally recognised hallmark of quality, and window restrictors must comply with BS 13126:2001. However, Jackloc locks – which are the only restrictors that we fit at Mila Maintenance – exceed regulations, providing even stronger resistance against extreme pressure.

Because you need absolute confidence that your chosen window restrictors will deliver outstanding performance, you should only invest in the best. A window restrictor that fails under pressure could have devastating and irreversible consequences, so the testing phase should be completed before installation, not when a care home resident or student leans against a window to find, only then, that it was not fit for purpose.

Exceeding The Expected Standards

During British Standards testing, window restrictors are assessed in three ways:

  1. Static Load Test: This assesses the amount of force the restrictor can withstand for one minute. The minimum acceptable force is 350 Newtons; Jackloc can hold from 2,117 to 4,800 Newtons.
  2. Impact Test: This test measures the force of an impact against the window sash as if impacted by a person. Jackloc window restrictors exceed the minimum acceptable standard by sustaining an impact from a height of 300mm (compared to the expected 200mm).
  3. Percussion Test: The final test measures resistance against a repeated force. Jackloc restrictors pass the test, meaning that all restrictors remain fully engaged when impacted three times at the most vulnerable point.

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