Window Maintenance North East

Mila Maintenance & Installation provides a range of services relative to window and door maintenance in North East for high rise blocks and low rise estates.

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Mila Maintenance & Installation specialise in the repair and maintenance of windows and doors in the Social Housing market throughout the North East area. They are specialist contractors working in high-rise applications, low rise estates, sheltered accommodation and other Local Authority or Housing Association managed properties.

They offer a range of value for money solutions to facilitate the repair or maintenance of windows and doors and the replacement or upgrading of double glazed units.

Mila Survey to Maintain Package – Window Maintenance North East

The Mila Survey to Maintain package is the start point for on-going window maintenance programmes in social housing in North East.

Understanding the condition of your stock is critical to knowing what the problems are you may have to face now, and what problems you may have to face in the future with regard to the condition of windows and doors.

Included in the Mila Survey to Maintain Window and Door Package

  • Our trained engineers will come and undertake a full condition survey of all your windows and doors within a designated street, estate, block of flats, or sheltered accommodation in the North East area
  • We will develop a complete component register for you to have a record of the original specification of all items which will help with the sourcing of original replacement parts for future maintenance
  • We will ease, adjust, and lubricate all moving parts on the designated windows and doors to restore them to full functionality
  • We will provide a 12 months guarantee on the functionality of the ironmongery
  • We will provide you with a full report of any items requiring immediate replacement and a schedule of works and associated cost to carry out the works should you wish our trained engineers to do so
Mila Survey to Maintain North East

Mila Planned Window Maintenance North East

When windows and doors have been installed for a period of time it is likely that seals particularly will no longer have their original manufactured elasticity and integrity. Faulty seals not only lead to draughts, but also to undue pressure being applied to locking mechanisms as users try to compensate by applying undue force to the handles, locks and hinges.

Included in the Mila Planned Maintenance & Installation Package

  • Our trained engineers will come and undertake a full condition survey of all your windows and doors within a designated street, estate, block of flats, or sheltered accommodation in the North East area
  • We will replace all draughty seals to restore the integrity of the window or door
  • Will we replace or repair faulty handles, hinges or locks for the designated windows and doors
  • We will provide a 12 months guarantee on the functionality of the hardware and a manufacturers extended warranty on the new seals
Mila Window Maintenance North East - Planned Maintenance

We also offer Reactive Window Maintenance

The Mila Reactive Maintenance Programme is for larger clients in the North East area where the scale of the housing stock means that there are on-going daily requirements for repairs and maintenance to windows and doors.

Included in the Mila Reactive Maintenance Programme

  • We will develop with you a service level agreement for responsive time to different repair and maintenance requirements from emergency call outs to planned minor works
  • We will respond to any issues reported and dependent upon what we find we will ease, adjust, and lubricate, replace faulty seals broken or damaged handles, hinges or locks, and provide replacement sealed units
  • We will work to client driven and agreed response times and monitor progress and performance on a monthly basis
  • We will guarantee works for 12 months in terms of the functionality of hardware and extend manufacturers warranties for replacement seals and sealed units
Mila Window Maintenance North East - Reactive Maintenance

Refurbish and Renew your existing Windows

Mila Refurb & Renew is a solution developed as an alternative to full window and door replacement and is designed to avoid unnecessary disruption to residents and to encourage less waste. It involves the refurbishment of windows and doors in social housing in North East to bring them up to current standards.

Included in the Mila Refurb & Renew Package

  • Upgrading ALL sealed units with the most thermally efficient specification available.
  • Replacing ALL draughty seals & gaskets to restore the integrity of the window or door.
  • Replacing ALL handles, hinges, locks, restrictors to the designated windows or door.
  • Drainage holes are cleared, to facilitate removal of rain water.
  • Internal and external cleaning are an option.

Social Housing repairs and maintenance specialist Mila Maintenance & Installation has pioneered a new ‘regeneration’ solution for windows and doors installed into high rise housing in the North East area.

For the company which operates at a record high level of 95% in the CIPS Sustainability Index the new product offering is the latest in a long line of sustainable solutions it provides to the social housing sector in North East.  The new offering has been introduced at the request of clients who have high rise housing stock which has been rendered or over-clad.

Mila Refurb & Renew Windows North East

High Rise Window Regeneration – Overview

Mila Maintenance has worked in high rise applications in North East for many years and has undertaken major projects to repair and replace the hardware, glazing, and gaskets on windows and doors in literally 100’s of blocks and this is something they continue to do for their clients. They are increasingly being asked by their clients if there is more they can do.

What many clients are now realising is that once they have rendered or over-clad their high rise blocks to improve the overall thermal efficiency  it will be very difficult, and extremely costly to then have to replace windows, many of which have been in situ for over 30 years.

Extending the serviceable life of high rise buildings

With Mila Maintenance’s new solution any type or design of window a client might have in their high rise living accommodation in the North East area can be regenerated  to create a more user friendly window type.

Full operational integrity can be restored in the knowledge that the life cycle of the product is significantly extended and guaranteed to marry up with any warranty and life cycle expectations they may have on their chosen render or cladding system.


  • Extend the serviceable life of the windows in high rise blocks where external facades have been over-clad or rendered
  • Upgrade operational functionality to meet modern Health and Safety Standards
  • Upgrade operational functionality to support ease of use for residents
  • Upgrade thermal performance
  • Upgrade integrity of seals
  • Improve aesthetics internally and externally
  • Receive new guarantee for the windows
  • Benefit from cost effective solutions
  • No costly scaffolding requirements
  • All work carried out from inside the building
  • No damage to integrity or performance of previously installed rendering or over-clad systems
High Rise Window Regeneration

We repair and maintain Windows in all of the locations below and more..

  • North East
  • Northumberland
  • Tyne And Wear
  • Durham
  • North Yorkshire
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Gateshead
  • Sunderland
  • North Tyneside
  • South Tyneside
  • Darlington
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No matter what your requirements – Mila Maintenance can offer a solution tailored to you. For more information on our services throughout North East please call us on 0808 100 8881 or contact us here