Why Window Overhaul Over Replacement Is The Right Solution For Social Housing

Appropriate window repair and maintenance is important for various reasons. First, properly maintained windows offer better safety and security standards for residents. They also keep indoor environments free of pollution and dust, and can help improve thermal comfort, as well as reduce energy bills by preventing heat loss.

Over time, windows can be damaged and lose their functionality. If you’re a housing association building safety manager or oversee a social housing project, you may need to decide between two options: overhaul windows or replace them.

In this article, we discuss some key benefits of doing an ‘overhaul’ (a mass inspection, repair and service of all the window assets in a residential building or estate) as opposed to fully replacing the windows.

1) Improved Safety

Window overhauls can be carried out from inside the building, as opposed to full replacements that require contractors to work on the facade. Being able to work inside offers an extra layer of safety, which is particularly useful in high rise buildings, and also doesn’t involve the resident having to be temporarily rehoused while the windows are replaced – a crucial consideration with older and vulnerable residents.

It’s not only contractors that are safer when doing this type of work. Working from the inside also means there are less chances of tools or objects falling off onto the street and injuring passersby when working on high-rise apartments.

2) Work Can Be Completed With Minimal Disruption

Replacing a window involves substantial work beyond the actual window. Sometimes, the frame needs to be repaired or replaced, and there’s a lot of window and frame preparation work involved. That’s without including debris removal and the final cleaning.

All this can cause considerable disturbance to tenants, who may still be working from home after the pandemic. However,  if you go for an overhaul, the contractor will only stick to the areas that need to be repaired or maintained, which keeps disruption to a minimum.

3) Minimum Disturbance To Decoration

Because overhauls aim to retain as much of the original window as possible, they cause minimal disturbance to the building’s looks and decoration. This can be useful if you are looking to keep the building’s appearance consistent.

4) Cost Savings

The average window replacement job costs anything from £440 to £3,600, depending on materials and window size. On the other hand, an overhaul that only involves minor repairs could easily save half of replacement costs.

Choosing an overhaul and arranging for frequent window maintenance can drastically increase the lifespan of existing windows, which also results in lifetime savings.

Repair And Replace Services From Mila Maintenance

At Mila Maintenance, we have a team of experienced engineers that work with councils and housing associations to provide proactive window maintenance, as well as commercial window repairs. Our services come with a 12-month guarantee for your peace of mind. Keep our details handy next time you need a window overhaul, and please call 08081008881 to request a quote.

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