Mila Secures Key Contract Ensuring Safety at Roseside Care Home

Mila Enhances Safety at Roseside Care Home

Mila Maintenance secures a vital contract for window and door maintenance at Roseside Care Home, Liverpool, ensuring enhanced safety for vulnerable residents.

Focus on Window Safety

Safety is paramount for Care Home Owners and Managers. On this contract, Mila aims to ensure that all window opening restrictors are thoroughly inspected and serviced.  This provides an additional layer of protection to the residents, who are particularly vulnerable. UK health and safety legislation underscores the absolute necessity of such preventive measures.  This is especially in care environments housing susceptible individuals. This initiative safeguards against falls from height, adhering strictly to the responsibility and duty of care prescribed to building owners and managers.

Thorough Inspection and Reporting

A meticulous preliminary site visit was performed by Mila, free of charge. A detailed programme of works was developed. Essential materials were identified and working methods established. A comprehensive survey report will soon be generated. This ensures all window restrictors are compliant and, if defective, replaced promptly.

Ensuring Secure and Functional Doors

The contract includes vital door repair and maintenance for the business. The aluminium doors, currently hard to manage, will be overhauled. Mila engineers, experts in door maintenance, will source necessary parts. Their aim is to restore door functionality, bolster security, and improve access for residents.

Commercial Expertise in Maintenance

Mila brings valuable commercial window and door expertise to the project. This isn’t solely about compliance. It’s about providing a safer and more accessible environment. Through large-scale window and door maintenance, Mila safeguards residents and assures compliance with residential window repairs contracts.

Demonstrating Commitment to Safety

A detailed report will be provided. Any required repairs will be quoted. This enables management to prove installation and maintenance compliance. It provides a solid audit trail and demonstrates a commitment to resident safety and well-being.

Proactive Approach to Future Needs

The approach by Examplar Care to employ Mila anticipates future maintenance requirements. This commercial door maintenance contract is not merely a reactive measure. This blended approach of preventive and responsive maintenance promises a safe and secure future for Roseside residents.

Engage with Mila for Safer Windows and Doors

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Mila does not merely repair; we enhance and ensure safety across all aspects of window and door maintenance. We actively secure and future-proof living environments for vulnerable residents. Our active approach to large-scale window and door repair brings both safety and compliance to the forefront. Explore our blog now. Discover key insights into laws and regulations pertaining to windows at UK Care Homes. Plus, unlock access to our FREE Guide. It’s your strategic asset management model for windows and doors in residential care businesses. Mila makes safety accessible and manageable for you – act now for a secure tomorrow.

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