About Mila Maintenance

Mila Maintenance & Installation has completed repairs and upgrades to over 1.3 million windows and doors in over 30 years of trading.

Working in the social housing, large scale private rented, commercial building, student living, care home and fire safety sectors, we are specialists in our field. We do also install windows, standard doors and fire doors across the full range of sectors we service where there is no alternative to maintenance or repair.

Value for money solutions

Properly maintained windows and doors contribute considerably to better communities and better places for people to live and work. Our mission statement ‘Making People feel safe, secure and warm in their homes’ underpins this.

Operating across such a wide range of sectors for over 30 years means we fully understand the financial pressures and operational challenges our clients face when it comes to maintaining their building stock. Through consultation with them and by understanding their challenges we have been able to develop a wide range of tailored maintenance and repair services to support them.

Key within this has been our ability to demonstrate that replacing windows and doors does not need to be the first or only option they look at, but that repairing or upgrading windows and doors represents the best value for money when it comes to maintaining their assets, managing their budgets, and exceeding their resident’s needs.

I hope these few paragraphs have given you a brief insight into what Mila Maintenance and Installation is all about, but if you would like to find out more about how we work with our clients and their residents, our culture and our key principles please read on,

We are here to help, please get in touch if we can help you.

We have six very simple values we work to and it is these which we believe sets us apart from our competitors



We are very much specialists in our field. Our technical and contracting teams have worked on over 300 different window and door specifications during our trading history, and as new and exciting products come to market, we ensure we are fully up to speed with those as well. Our knowledge is unrivalled in our sector, and our supply chains have been developed to be robust and supportive of our client’s needs.



All our site teams are fully trained, accredited and where the opportunity presents itself, fully qualified to carry out their roles in the business. Our team leaders are committed to ensuring that our staff always have the skills they need to do their job and a clear understanding of our business principles, the need to communicate effectively with our customers, being accountable for their actions and the importance of acting with integrity at all times. It is a process we are completely committed to and reflects our status as a highly respected specialist contractor in our field of operation.



Supporting what we do operationally, we have a culture that is driven to do better every day as we strive for excellence in everything we do. This might be in relation to the service we offer our clients and their residents; the products we offer; training and development plans for our staff; or through the introduction of completely new innovative ideas.



We are customer focussed. From a client’s first contact with our business until the last we ensure that all our staff fully understand their role and through great communication, how to gain the best understanding of our client’s requirements so that we can deliver them the best possible solutions. We are all equally customer focussed, and we all take the same amount of satisfaction in a job well done.



We also know that our customers appreciate the fact that we take the time to ask for their feedback when we have completed the works at their home or in their offices. Listening to and reacting to the feedback they give is a major factor in our ability to constantly re-evaluate the service and the products we offer to ensure we are always meeting their needs and expectations.



We are a team in every sense of the word. We all understand our individual roles and how what we do impacts our colleagues and their ability to perform their role within the business. Great teamwork underpins everything we do every day and makes us the professional business we are today.

Care for the residents in whose homes and offices we work

From our first day of trading over 30 years ago understanding that the properties we work in are not simply houses, flats or offices, but are very much someone’s home or a place of work they take great pride in has been a guiding principle that underpins our whole approach to service.

It helps us to connect and communicate better with them and to deliver outstanding service which we know they value. We have never changed our approach from prioritising resident care and never will.

Courteous and polite

Showing courtesy and respect to everybody we work with supports this ethos. It is something all our office staff and our site operatives always embrace. Being positive in our approach often whilst dealing with difficult challenges is something we have always taken great pride in, and something we know our clients and their residents genuinely appreciate.

Prioritising social value

We re-visit so many client’s year after year whilst delivering our services that often we feel a part of their communities. We are always made welcome, so wherever and whenever we can we try to put something back and are delighted that we have been able take part in so many community sponsored initiatives.

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