Care Home Maintenance

Specialist repairs, maintenance and installation services for those who manage care homes

Reducing risk and delivering value for money in the Residential Care Sector is both complex and challenging.

Mila Maintenance and Installation offers a service designed to help those involved with Asset Management in the Residential Care Sector to achieve full compliance with Building Regulations, Health & Safety and Fire Safety Regulations whilst reducing capital expenditure and repairs costs related to windows and doors.

With the number of care homes in the UK on the increase to cope with the demands of an ageing population, the needs of residents in these establishments require special attention to ensure their comfort and warmth, safety and security.

Correctly operating windows and doors can deliver these essential requirements, whilst windows and doors which do not operate properly can lead to discomfort, distress and potential danger to resident’s physical and mental well-being, and unnecessary costs for scheme managers.


  • Understanding Health and Safety Risks associated with windows and doors in this environment
  • Risks from falls from height
  • Fire Safety
  • The importance of a scheduled maintenance regime for windows and doors
  • The financial benefits of a scheduled maintenance regime for windows and doors
  • The importance of using specialist contractors for window and door maintenance
  • Resident satisfaction and customer care

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