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Specialist repairs and maintenance and installation services for large scale private landlords

High Rise Living Accommodation has been a major part of the social housing plan in the UK since the early 1960’s and although new build for this sector has largely ceased in recent times, the popularity of high-rise apartments has continued to grow, and these large living accommodation units fill the skyline of most major cities in the UK. The vast majority of these blocks are rented privately.

Private rental now makes up an estimated 20% of all living accommodation in the UK, making it a larger sector than social housing, and covering approximately 4.6 million homes.

Challenges for large scale private rental companies

  • The challenges faced by private landlords are many and varied, and perhaps the biggest challenge is facing up to the fact that the average rental period across all accommodation types in the UK is less than three years.
  • This makes the renting population transient and with less of a sense of ownership that people who are committed to their homes for the longer term.
  • The primary rental age group is 25-34 who want to live in city centres for a period before moving to more traditional accommodation, often to set up a long-term family home.

This can mean that the maintenance requirements of rented accommodation is greater than for other property types, with more frequent visits required to ensure that, in the case of what we do, the windows and doors operate to the highest standards and are fit for purpose both in terms of safety and security.

This is especially the case when it comes to high rise apartments, but no less important in more standard accommodation.

In later years there has also been a significant proliferation in specification types, and again, the maintenance challenges of these means that specialist contractors are need to carry out essential or planned maintenance and repairs.

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Large Scale Rental Property Maintenance Summary

  • Mila Maintenance and Installation works with an increasing number of large scale private landlords in the rental market

  • Our services coupled to our experience are ideal for them to be able to find the cost effective solutions they need to keep their properties up to both the legal standards required of them and the standards that they want to be able to rent their properties successfully

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