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The Scheme

Market Hill Fire Door Installation Programme

Ongo Homes commissioned a £1million upgrade scheme to replace flat doors and communal access doors with new fire doors in three blocks of high rise living accommodation on the Market Hill estate  in Scunthorpe.

Sutton House, Princess House and Crosby House each contain 133 individual flats over 19 floors.  In addition to the replacement of residential fire doors Ongo Homes also replaced 57 communal access doors in each block.

Speaking about the scheme, Matthew Hubbert, Compliance Project Manager for Ongo Homes, said “Ensuring the highest standard of fire safety is maintained in our high rise building is of the utmost importance to us, and is something we don’t take lightly. That’s why we carry out regular checks, install safety equipment and make these kind of upgrades.

“Fire doors were already installed at Market hill as they are extremely important in helping to control the spread of fire throughout the building if the worst ever did happen, but we thought it was time to modernise them.

“This is just one of many investment projects planned over the next few years, and we were excited for this work to be completed.”


The Project

Mila Maintenance and Installation was contracted to carry out the upgrade works following a competitive tender.  The bid included the supply and installation of new Sentry fire doors to flats and to the communal areas on each floor within the blocks.

The programme began with Princess House, followed by Sutton House and then Crosby House to complete the project.

Installation Operations Manager Dean Bradford who was responsible for the site explained, “as a company we are now very experienced in the installation of these critical safety measures, designed to keep people safe and secure in their homes.  A key part of our offering is that we ensure our site teams are all fully trained, and that they are managed by BM Trada accredited supervisors to carry out the works”.

“It is one of the things that marks us out as a specialist contractor, and one of the reasons why clients can have real confidence in our ability to do the job to the very highest standards. We have worked with Ongo Homes on a number of projects previously and we were especially delighted to secure this programme of works through competitive tender, and to get the site up and running as quickly as possible after the award”.

“As soon as the site set up was completed we were ready to go, and the start point was our Resident Liaison Office Alison beginning consultation and communication with the residents”.


Joyce Wright, a resident from Princess House commented:The doors are all finished in our block. They make the place look a lot better, they’ve reduced noise outside and the draft that comes in too. I feel safe in my home anyway, but these new fire doors definitely make you feel safer. It’s nice to know how important our wellbeing, and spending money on existing homes, is to Ongo Homes

RLO Alison Needham talks us through her role at Market Hill

My role was to ensure that we engaged fully with the residents in each of the blocks to ensure they understood exactly what was going to happen to their homes, and to their communal areas when it was time for the new fire doors to be installed.  Just as important was my work with the site teams. The level of communication we established amongst all parties on the project was a huge factor in ensuring that we had only the smallest number of access issues and that the programme ran exactly to time.  This was so important to all parties – client, residents and us as the contractor on site.

I am delighted with the way the residents in all three blocks embraced the project and how they welcomed us onto the site to carry out these essential works which were designed to keep them even safer and more secure in their homes. I was equally delighted with the way our contract team kept me fully up to date with the progress of deliveries and the installation plan ensuring there were no surprises for the residents.  It was a model scheme in so many ways.

Collecting resident feedback was so important to the smooth running of the site

Collecting the resident’s feedback following the works showed us that they were really happy with the way we worked with them and with the products we installed.

All staff were polite and worked efficiently while observing covid 19 restrictions. They cleaned up after they finished working. Everything was explained in a clear and easy way

Working with Covid Restrictions

Picking up again on the challenges of the site Dean Bradford said, “As Alison explained, the excellent communication between all parties really helped us to keep access issues to a minimum, one of the greatest challenges we face when working in this kind of accommodation.

But of course the real unknown was how to come to terms with the challenges presented by the Covid pandemic, and how to work in a way which would give the residents in whose homes we were going to work the confidence that there would be no problems.

Following discussions internally we produced a very rigid set of conditions that we would work to to give residents confidence that we would be able to work safely in their homes, and at the same time keep our staff safe and secure as well.

Our site staff wore all the necessary PPE and fully sanitised their hands, cleaned their tools and disposed of any waste material in a safe manner before and after each installation. Our efforts worked perfectly and seem to have been really appreciated by residents on site.

60 minute Fire Rated Residential Doors

The main part of the project was to replace existing residential fire doors with an updated version complying to the very  latest recommended standard.

Ongo Homes had previously installed fire doors on each flat and this project was designed to help their residents feel even more safe and secure by installing new ones which had been tested to meet the latest and most exacting requirements.

Through great supply chain management we were able to meet the exact requirements of the client’s project plan, and keep disturbance to the residents to an absolute minimum.

The doors installed are 60 minute fire rated, and fitted with closers and all the other hardware requirements to ensure that in the unfortunate event of a fire, they would provide residents with the protection they need to ensure their continued safety.

Installing new communal access fire doors

As well as the individual residential fire doors that were installed in each of the flats on site, we also had to install three new communal access doors on each of the 19 floors in each block.  These doors play a vital role in ensuring that residents remain safe and secure in their homes, and that fire cannot easily spread should one break out.

“While installing the individual resident’s doors was very important, installing these communal access doors was equally so” explained Dean.  “Often clients will focus only on the doors to flats, but Ongo’s vision was to make the blocks as a whole as safe as they could be”.

Our teams worked hand in glove with the residents to ensure that the disruption to the communal areas was kept to a minimum during the installation of the new access doors

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About SentryDoors

The residential and communal access doors were supplied by Mila Maintenance and Installation partner Sentry Doors.

Speaking for Sentry Doors Ty Aziz, Managing Director commented “We were delighted to work alongside Mila Maintenance and Installation once again to fulfil this project using a number of our fire and security timber door sets including a range of flat entrance doors, communal doors and screens.

Having formed a longstanding relationship with the team at Mila Maintenance and Installation we recognise the importance of communication and this is something that we experienced from the start from the operations team led by Dean on site; it helped us enormously to plan and ensure we could meet all the project timescales”

“It was great for us to see Sentry Doors included on this local project and to know that the residents have an excellent fully tested and accredited product installed in their homes”.

About Ongo Homes

Ongo Homes provides 10,000 homes for people in the social housing or affordable rent sector.

Their homes are mainly based in North Lincolnshire with some in neighbouring areas, such as Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire.

They also provide a wide range of property management and maintenance services, plus support services to help people live comfortably and independently in their homes.

They are a not-for-profit organisation, which means any income they receive is reinvested back into providing homes and community services.

Feedback from Market Hill Fire Door Installation Programme

All staff were polite and worked efficiently while observing covid 19 restrictions. They cleaned up after they finished working. Everything was explained in a clear and easy way