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The Scheme

Westcliffe Entry Doors

Ongo Homes has led a £9-million regeneration programme to improve the Westcliffe estate in Scunthorpe with crime and anti-social behaviour reduction as its primary focus.

The landlord was recently successful in a bid for an additional £550,000 from the government’s ‘Safer Streets Fund’ some of which it earmarked to use on communal entrance door upgrades on the estate which had fallen into disrepair or were deemed not up to standard.

The bid to the Government was submitted by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside with support from North Lincolnshire Council, Ongo Homes, Humberside Police and the North Lincolnshire Community Safety Partnership.


The Project

Mila Maintenance and Installation was contracted to carry out the upgrade works following a competitive tender. The bid included the supply and fit of new entrance doors, the upgrading of existing doors and the replacement of outdated and insecure externally beaded windows in the low-rise blocks.

It was originally planned that the works would be the straightforward replacement of existing doors, but our site team worked with Ongo to help them maximise the impact of the funding by carrying out a thorough survey of all the entrance doors on the estate, and developed a programme of repair/upgrade or replacement depending on door condition rather than simply replacing them all.

The existing door designs had a number of issues from a security point of view;

  • They had large D-Handles that enabled would-be intruders to apply a lot of force to the door and pull it away from the magnetic locks which it depended on for security.
  • Additionally, lipping on the door had previously enabled criminals to use a bar to lever the door open.

By replacing the handle and the lipping, and upgrading the glazing we were able to remove these weak points in the door design and make the blocks safer for residents.

This approach enabled Ongo to upgrade the security in 34 blocks for the same budget as fully replacing the doors in four blocks. Almost 10 times as many residents benefited by upgrading the doors this way as opposed to replacing all the doors with new.


We believe the move toward ‘self-policing’ for safer communities requires safe, secure and robust entryways to community housing, particularly where there are children and elderly residents who should be able to feel safe, secure and warm in their own homes

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About Warrior Doors

Where doors could not be upgraded, we installed new Warrior High Security Communal entrance doors. Warrior Doors are driven by a sense of community, and like us have as a part of their business ethos a commitment to making residents safer.

Their communal entrance solutions are manufactured bespoke to the building situation and specific site requirements, though all doors have some common features. They are highly secure whilst providing easy access, keeping those inside safe and would-be intruders out.

There is more product information about Warrior Doors here

About Ongo Homes

Ongo Homes provides 10,000 homes for people in the social housing or affordable rent sector.

Their homes are mainly based in North Lincolnshire with some in neighbouring areas, such as Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire.

They also provide a wide range of property management and maintenance services, plus support services to help people live comfortably and independently in their homes.
They are a not-for-profit organisation, which means any income they receive is reinvested back into providing homes and community services.

Feedback from Westcliffe Entry Doors

We had an extremely positive experience working with Mila maintenance on the Ongo Homes project at Westcliffe.

Operations Manager, Dean Bradford was especially helpful in ensuring everything went smoothly and to plan. This was a key project for Warrior Doors as it came in part due to the Government’s Safer Streets Funding scheme which we support.

As a result of working together, our doors will have immeasurable benefits for the local residents. In summary, it was a pleasure working with Mila Maintenance and Installation.

Antony Heslegrave, Estimator & Technical Sales, Warrior Doors