Why Build-To-Rent Properties Often Need More Maintenance

The UK’s build-to-rent property market is flourishing, with over £4bn invested in the sector in 2022 and more than 129,000 homes either completed or under construction. While the build-to-rent market increases the supply and construction of new homes, and provides tenants with greater choice, build-to-rent properties often require more regular maintenance compared to traditional long-term rentals, including window and door repair.

In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why build-to-rent properties often require more frequent maintenance.

A Transient Population

Typically, build-to-rent properties experience a higher turnover rate due to their appeal to a transient tenant population. Properties are often occupied for a short duration, with more frequent move-ins and move-outs that result in increased wear and tear in residential and communal areas. Consequently, more regular property maintenance and repairs are necessary to keep the property in optimal condition and safeguard its marketability and kerb appeal to prospective tenants.

Less Familiarity With The Property

In the buy-to-rent sector, tenants may only have short-term tenancy agreements of six months, so residents may have limited familiarity with the building’s systems, rules, and proper use of appliances and fixtures. A lack of familiarity can lead to accidents, misuse, or unintentional damage. It’s essential that property managers provide clear instructions and guidelines to ensure tenants understand how to use and maintain the property. Additionally, ongoing communication and proactive education can help to minimise potential issues that arise.

Less Personal Investment

Short-term tenants may have less personal investment in a property compared to long-term renters, which can result in a lower level of care and consideration for the building and its facilities. Therefore, it’s crucial that property owners and managers maintain a high standard of maintenance and cleanliness to instil a sense of pride and encourage tenants to treat the property with respect.

Varied Usage Patterns

With a constantly changing population, build-to-rent properties experience varied usage patterns of amenities, facilities, and communal areas. Different tenants may have different preferences, leading to uneven wear and tear on the property. Regular monitoring and assessment of usage patterns can help to identify areas that require targeted maintenance and adjustments to ensure an equitable experience for all residents.

Frequent Inspections

The higher turnover of tenants in build-to-rent properties often necessitates more frequent inspections so that maintenance needs can be promptly identified, and timely repairs or replacements completed. Regular inspections mitigate potential issues, maintain safety standards, and uphold the overall quality of the property.

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