Fire rated loft hatches added to safety measures by social housing landlords

The installation of fire rated loft hatches has been added to the list of safety measures being installed by leading social housing landlords.

In recent months we have been tasked with supplying and installing these in a growing number of properties to allay the concerns of residents and the landlords who provide their housing.

Loft hatches and access panels are covered under Part B of the Building Regulations which stipulate that materials and linings used in the construction of a building must provide adequate protection to residents in the event of a fire, such as to enable them to escape safely.

The programme to replace fire doors has become a huge undertaking in the past couple of years and landlords are now starting to assess the safety of other critical areas of their housing stock, loft hatches being one.

The loft hatch is fire rated for 60 minutes making it the safest possible option in terms of fire protection compliance.
There is also a positive environmental impact to fitting fire rated loft hatches with a requirement that all such products installed should have a U Value of no greater than 0.35w/mk2, providing enhanced thermal performance.

The addition of this new fire safety product to our range of services is very much complementary to our ongoing work installing fire doors, and all our site engineers are trained to be able to meet the stringent requirements of fitting these kinds of products.

More information about Mila Maintenance and Installation’s programme of Fire Safety measures can be found here.

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