Mila Maintenance and Installation Secures New Window Overhaul Contract at Bengeworth Court

In an exciting development, Mila Maintenance and Installation have successfully secured a prominent window overhaul contract for Hawksmoor/Anchor Housing at Bengeworth Court. This significant undertaking highlights the company’s continued growth and reputation in the sector of large scale window maintenance.

A Comprehensive Window Survey Sets the Stage Initiating the project with diligence, a thorough window survey was conducted for the client. This was promptly followed by a detailed and fully priced programme of repair works. Such meticulous planning and transparency underline Mila’s commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

Prioritising Safety for Elderly Residents Bengeworth Court comprises 29 flats specifically designed for the elderly, making the window overhaul even more crucial. Recognising the potential vulnerabilities of the residents, the primary aim is to enhance security and ensure that windows are not only safer but also more user-friendly.

Key Features of the Maintenance Contract

  • Enhanced Seals and Airflow: Replacement of gasket and mastic around windows will effectively prevent air ingress, ensuring a more comfortable living environment.
  • Safety Upgrades: Fall from height is a serious concern. With the new restrictors in place, residents can enjoy fresh air without any risks.
  • Improved Window Operations: Upgrading hinges and handles, along with proper lubrication and adjustment, will guarantee smoother window operations.
  • Robust Fixings: To address any issues with the original window fixings coming loose, frames will be firmly secured to the walls.

Why Mila Stands Out

With a rich history in delivering top-notch large scale window repair services, Mila Maintenance and Installation continue to be a preferred choice for many. This new contract win underscores their expertise and unmatched reliability in the field.

In Conclusion

This latest window overhaul contract at Bengeworth Court further cements Mila Maintenance and Installation’s position as industry leaders. With a clear focus on safety, efficiency, and the use of cutting-edge techniques, residents of Bengeworth Court can soon expect state-of-the-art windows that marry form and function.

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