Mila Partners with Amber Construction for Window Overhaul at PATMORE ESTATE on Behalf of Wandsworth Council

As part of the estate regeneration project on the PATMORE ESTATE, Amber Construction, in association with Wandsworth Council, has enlisted the expertise of Mila for a comprehensive window overhaul project. This partnership comes after Mila successfully secured the contract through a competitive tender process.  It continues the long-standing relationship that Mila has with both Amber and Wandsworth Council delivering Window & Door Maintenance services.

Amber Construction, recognised for their significant expertise in estate regeneration, are spearheading the transformative efforts at the PATMORE ESTATE. As part of this vast project, window safety, security, and functionality have been identified as pivotal components.

Commencing with an in-depth window survey, Mila will develop a meticulously priced repair program, emphasising the importance of residents’ safety and well-being. The extensive scope of work will cover 177 properties across 10 blocks on the estate.

Examples of upgrades and enhancements to be considered by Mila includes:

  • Replacement of gaskets and mastic around windows to enhance seals and mitigate air leakage.
  • Introduction of new restrictors on windows, a vital precautionary measure to deter potential falls from height.
  • Comprehensive refurbishment of Tilt & Turn mechanisms and handles. Coupled with the lubrication and adjustment of all operable windows, residents are assured of a smoother and safer experience.
  • Reinforcing the structural integrity of the windows by affixing frames to walls, especially addressing areas where the initial window fixings have shown signs of wear.
  • Evaluation of overhaul costs against full window replacement costs.

Wandsworth Council’s partnership with Mila reflects their commitment to delivering unparalleled standards of safety and comfort to the residents of PATMORE ESTATE, while Mila looks forward to continuing our strong working relationship with Amber.

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