Don’t Re-act to Window And Door Maintenance – SAFEKEEP your Residents

Navigating through varied terminologies like window and door maintenance, responsive repairs, overhauls, and planned or preventative maintenance can be daunting. That’s where Mila introduces the SAFEKEEP model. Your one-stop, easy-to-understand method that encapsulates all approaches to window and door care. It’s not just a service; it’s a pledge. To provide superior, cost-effective care for residents and straightforward, efficient management for landlords. Especially focusing on social landlords, residential landlords, build-to-rent, student living providers, and residential care providers.

Diving into the SAFEKEEP Model

Survey (S): Detailed Checks with Tailored Reporting

Our engineers conduct meticulous checks on your windows and doors.  Firstly for correct operation. Then for compliance with health and safety regulations.  Thirdly, signs of water and air ingress. We also consider any additional factors requested by our clients to furnish landlords with a detailed report. Not only does this report spotlight areas that need fixing. It also serves as a tangible audit trail, showcasing safety precautions undertaken. Finally, the report proposes potential enhancements for the windows.

Adjust (A): Preventing Small Issues from Becoming Major Ones

The emphasis here is on proactive care. Windows require continual small adjustments to windows and regular lubrication.  This prevents minor issues from spiraling into bigger, costlier problems. Guarding against more significant repairs and, worst case, complete window replacements.

Fix (F): Swift and Uncomplicated Solutions

Our approach to fixing is straightforward and effective. Once a problem is identified, our team ensures it’s repaired efficiently.  We prioritise the safety and functionality of the windows and doors to uphold the comfort and security of our residents.

Enhance (E): Advancing Beyond the Basic Functions

Enhancements go beyond mere fixes. It could involve elevating ventilation to combat issues like mould or damp. Or escalating the energy efficiency of windows. Or upgrading security features. In every enhancement action, the objective is to boost the existing functionality. Enhancements may also prolong the lifespan of your installations.

KEEP: Keep your Windows and Residents SAFE

By engaging in long-term contracts, landlords can spread repair costs over an extended period. They gain preferential access to Mila’s responsive repair services. The ‘KEEP’ phase protects your window and door investment.  It is the scheduled programme of future safety audits.  This provides a steadfast availability of a repairs service when it’s needed.  It’s how you KEEP your resident’s windows operational over the long-term with all safety measures functional.  It’s how you prevent small problems becoming large expensive ones.

SAFEKEEP: Your Unified Approach to Window and Door Care

In days gone by, property managers may have navigated through different avenues, exploring window repairs and planned maintenance as separate entities. SAFEKEEP presents a united model, where these paths converge. With Mila, you gain a singular point of contact, ensuring that the varied facets of window and door issues, be it repairs, overhauls, or preventative maintenance, are handled with dexterity and expertise.

Why Choose SAFEKEEP?

SAFEKEEP isn’t simply about managing large-scale window maintenance or window overhaul contracts. It’s about proactively and proficiently managing every aspect of window and door care, from residential window maintenance to door repairs for businesses in the targeted regions like Yorkshire, Humberside, East Midlands, Greater Manchester, Kent, and London and the South East. It’s about providing a complete, seamless, and reliable service to all residential property managers, ensuring ease, affordability, and excellence in service.

Understanding Regulations & Mitigating Risks with Mila’s SAFEKEEP Model

Regulatory compliance and risk mitigation in property management, especially in regards to window and door maintenance, is imperative for landlords to provide secure, safe, and habitable conditions for their tenants.

A Closer Look at Crucial Regulations for Landlords

  • Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS): Ensuring windows and doors meet the minimum standards of HHSRS is crucial. The system assesses the risks posed by housing conditions to health and safety, with windows and doors being pivotal elements in these assessments.
  • Building Regulations: These regulations establish the minimum standards for the design and construction of buildings. Work carried out on windows and doors, whether repairs, overhauls, or replacements, must align with these regulations to ensure safety and efficiency.
  • Fire Safety Regulations: An adherence to Fire Safety Regulations SAFEKEEPs tenants in fire incidents, ensuring clear escape routes and maintaining fire doors to an optimal standard.

Risks Inherent to Windows and Doors

  • Security Challenges: Burglary risks, often through windows and doors, necessitate robust security measures, like the incorporation of high-quality locks and security grilles.
  • Fire Safety Management: Keeping egress points like windows and doors in top condition is vital to facilitate swift and safe exits during fire incidents.
  • Fall Hazards Mitigation: The installation of safety features like window restrictors and safety rails ensures that risks of falls from windows, balconies, and adjacent stairs are minimised, SAFEKEEPing particularly vulnerable residents like children and the elderly.

Navigating through Implications

In the realm of large scale window maintenance and door repair for businesses, landlords must maintain a proactive stance, ensuring that each aspect of their property, especially windows and doors, adheres strictly to regulatory guidelines and is fortified against prevalent risks.

Failure to comply or adequately mitigate risks can have significant implications, from legal repercussions to jeopardised tenant safety and financial ramifications. Therefore, to navigate through the labyrinth of regulations and risk management effectively, it’s essential to adopt a model that ensures comprehensiveness and consistency in care and maintenance.

SAFEKEEP: Your Ally in Compliance and Risk Mitigation

With the SAFEKEEP model, Mila unites window overhaul and residential window maintenance under a single, unified approach, ensuring not just compliance with the above regulations, but also offering a robust strategy to pre-empt and address the associated risks.

Incorporating SAFEKEEP means no more scrambling between different contractors for window repairs and planned maintenance. Your window and door care is consolidated into a single, systematic model, offering you clarity, assurance, and a direct pathway towards regulatory compliance and risk mitigation.

Conclusively, SAFEKEEP doesn’t merely serve as a solution to window maintenance for businesses or a method to manage window overhaul contracts; it stands as a landlord’s ally in upholding the safety, security, and wellbeing of their tenants and properties.

Choose SAFEKEEP. Choose a secure, compliant, and serene residential management journey. Let’s explore how Mila can become your partner. Ensuring that your properties are not only safe and compliant but also efficient and cost-effective in their window and door management.

Partner with Mila and SAFEKEEP Your Residents

When you partner with Mila, you don’t just get a service provider; you get a team that truly cares about your property as much as you do. We ensure all your window and door care needs are managed effectively under one comprehensive, expertly executed model – SAFEKEEP.

Learn more about how SAFEKEEP can benefit your properties. Contact Mila today. Let’s work together to SAFEKEEP your property.  Ensuring optimal functionality, longevity, and resident satisfaction in your buildings.

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