Window Installation and Replacement: What Is Involved For a Building Safety Manager?

Whether you are responsible for social housing, student accommodation, or a commercial property, the role of a building safety manager is an important one. As the designated Responsible Person for your site, it is your duty to ensure that all aspects of building and maintenance are delivered safely, minimising the risk to residents or occupants in their daily lives.
So, what are your key priorities when it comes to the installation and replacement of windows?

Comply With Regulations

From the first of April 2002, Building Regulations require building owners that are installing replacement windows or doors (being a door which together with its frame has more than 50% of its internal face area glazed), must obtain Building Regulations consent and have the installation inspected to ensure compliance with relevant regulations. The relevant regulations are:

  • L1: Conservation of fuel and power.
  • K4: Protection against impact with glazing.

In addition, you must also ensure that replacement windows and doors are no less suitable than the existing windows and doors in relation to the following regulations:

  • A1: Structure.
  • B1: Means of escape in fire.
  • F1: Means of ventilation.
  • J2: Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems.
  • K2: Protection from falling.
  • M2: Access and facilities for disabled people.

Mila Maintenance is registered with a variety of organisations and bodies, including FENSA and it is our role to ensure that any works meet Building Regulations, while our work is guaranteed to meet ISO 9001 quality standards.
Repair work, such as replacement glazing units or repair of rotten or damaged frame members is not subject to Building Regulation approval.

Disposal of Waste Materials Safely

Glass and double-glazing materials can have a detrimental effect on the environment if disposed of incorrectly. At Mila Maintenance, we recognise the importance of sustainable practices and a commitment to protecting the environment from damage. We will always ensure that all recyclable waste is processed correctly, reducing the reliance on landfill.
Mila Maintenance is certified as an upper tier waste carrier and dealer authorised to remove waste from site and dispose of it.

Ensure Structural Stability

When a load-bearing wall has a window, it is vital that there is sufficient support above the window to take the weight of the wall. This is usually provided by a concrete or steel lintel, the size of which is professionally calculated to ensure it has the appropriate load-bearing capacity. When replacing windows, or creating new windows in existing walls, the structural stability of the wall should be assessed, as failure to provide proper support could lead to cracks in the brickwork or even collapse of the wall.

Ensure The Safe Position Of The Window

An open window represents a potential hazard for occupants, both children and adults. Falls from windows are inevitably serious, and often fatal, so measures should be taken to minimise the risk of an accident occurring. Window openings should be large enough to facilitate an emergency evacuation but not so wide as to allow someone to fall through easily, while window restrictors are recommended for certain settings on upper floor windows. At Mila Maintenance, we can provide expert advice about all aspects of window safety to help you to safeguard the occupants of your buildings.

Contact Mila Maintenance For Professional Advice and Window Installation

If you’re considering replacing windows in an old house or other premises, please get in touch with Mila Maintenance.
We have over three decades of experience of window and door maintenance and replacement in many types of buildings. To find out more, or request a free, no-obligation quotation for your project, call us on 0808 100 8881.

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