Last Chance to Connect at HOMES UK 2023

Last Chance to Connect at HOMES UK 2023: Mila’s Rick Awdas Showcases SAFEKEEP Tomorrow

November 2023, London: The countdown is almost over! HOMES UK 2023, the key event for housing professionals, starts tomorrow, November 22nd, at ExCel, London. Mila, a leader in property management solutions, is ready to unveil the SAFEKEEP model, a comprehensive approach to window and door care. This is your last chance to book a catch-up with Mila’s Rick Awdas over coffee to discuss how SAFEKEEP can enhance your property’s windows and doors and ensure resident safety.

Connect with Rick Awdas Tomorrow

Rick Awdas, Mila’s Commercial Manager, will be at HOMES UK 2023 on Wednesday, November 22nd. With his extensive knowledge in property management, Rick is eager to meet you. He will share insights into the SAFEKEEP model, focusing on its benefits for your properties.

Discover SAFEKEEP: The Future of Property Maintenance

SAFEKEEP stands as a pioneering solution in the realm of window and door maintenance. It addresses today’s challenges in property management by offering proactive maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and regulatory compliance. Learn more about its detailed surveying, adjustments, and repair strategies.

Survey (S): Detailed Checks with Tailored Reporting

Our engineers conduct meticulous checks on your windows and doors.  Firstly for correct operation. Then for compliance with health and safety regulations.  Thirdly, signs of water and air ingress. We also consider any additional factors requested by our clients to furnish landlords with a detailed report. Not only does this report spotlight areas that need fixing. It also serves as a tangible audit trail, showcasing safety precautions undertaken. Finally, the report proposes potential enhancements for the windows.

Adjust (A): Preventing Small Issues from Becoming Major Ones

The emphasis here is on proactive care. Windows require continual small adjustments to windows and regular lubrication.  This prevents minor issues from spiraling into bigger, costlier problems. Guarding against more significant repairs and, worst case, complete window replacements.

Fix (F): Swift and Uncomplicated Solutions

Our approach to fixing is straightforward and effective. Once a problem is identified, our team ensures it’s repaired efficiently.  We prioritise the safety and functionality of the windows and doors to uphold the comfort and security of our residents.

Enhance (E): Advancing Beyond the Basic Functions

Enhancements go beyond mere fixes. It could involve elevating ventilation to combat issues like mould or damp. Or escalating the energy efficiency of windows. Or upgrading security features. In every enhancement action, the objective is to boost the existing functionality. Enhancements may also prolong the lifespan of your installations.

KEEP: Keep your Windows and Residents SAFE

By engaging in long-term contracts, landlords can spread repair costs over an extended period. They gain preferential access to Mila’s responsive repair services. The ‘KEEP’ phase protects your window and door investment.  It is the scheduled programme of future safety audits.  This provides a steadfast availability of a repairs service when it’s needed.  It’s how you KEEP your resident’s windows operational over the long-term with all safety measures functional.  It’s how you prevent small problems becoming large expensive ones.

Why Meet at HOMES UK 2023?

This event is a perfect opportunity to explore new solutions for property management. Engaging with Rick Awdas offers direct insights into how SAFEKEEP can transform your approach to window and door maintenance, ensuring safety and satisfaction for your residents.

Mila’s Role at HOMES UK 2023: Beyond a Showcase

Mila’s participation in HOMES UK 2023 is more than just a product presentation. It’s an active contribution to the discussion on creating sustainable and safe living spaces. SAFEKEEP is set to redefine standards in property care.

Book Your Coffee Meetup with Rick Awdas

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Rick Awdas tomorrow. Schedule a coffee catch-up to discuss the SAFEKEEP model and its impact on your property management strategy. Visit Rick’s LinkedIn profile to book your slot: Rick Awdas LinkedIn.

Join us at HOMES UK 2023 to explore how SAFEKEEP can revolutionize your property management and enhance resident well-being.

Contact Information: Rick Awdas, Commercial Manager, Mila LinkedIn: Rick Awdas HOMES UK 2023: ExCel, London, November 22-23

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