Mila Maintenance – Social Value

“Thank you to MILA and L&Q for the tickets they offered families of Enfield Island Youth Community Trust ‘KIDS CLUB’. With the help of the tickets MILA provided we were able to take 68 children and adults to London Zoo. Parents said how the trip was a positive experience for them to see and learn new things as well as enjoy having a day with their community. One parent expressed how the trip gave her and her daughter good quality time together, an experience they could talk about afterwards. Two families renewed friendship as they walked round the zoo together having not seen each other since their children were in the same nursery. The children of two other families don’t get to see each other now the children have moved to different schools, the children expressed how much they enjoyed a day with each other, and the parents were grateful for the opportunity to see the children play. One little girl didn’t realise that meerkats were real and not just fluffy toys selling insurance.

All parents expressed their gratitude toward MILA and L&Q for helping make such a great day. As workers in the community, it was especially rewarding for my team to see a great community bond being formed through the shared experience of travelling, the excitement of the visit, having managers from MILA welcome the group, having the group photo and, of course, taking over the picnic area at lunch time! The only disappointment was that one of our children was not picked as a helper during the penguin presentation!”

James Musgrave, Children’s Worker, Enfield Oasis Island Youth Trust

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