Why Having Third Party Accreditation Is A Crucial Step In Fire Safety

Get Fire Safety wrong can be a fatal error for social housing managers. With ever-changing regulations, it can be a challenge to keep on top of requirements. Third party accreditation can offer an extra layer of protection. Here’s why:

What Is Third Party Accreditation?

Third party accreditation is an important safety net in fire protection. Suppliers who have been accredited by a third party have independent verification, auditing, and certification demonstrating the design, performance, manufacturing, and quality of a fire door. This is achieved via rigorous testing in multiple areas.

How Are Fire Doors Tested?

Third party accreditation involves testing at a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) approved facility. The main fire test standards are BS 476: Part 22 and BS EN 1634-1. These tests use a range of trusted methodologies to test fire resistance, and their results enable the product to be certified. As such, property owners can meet legislative and regulatory obligations with confidence.

Why Does Auditing Matter?

It’s fairly easy for a company to get a formal stamp of approval and then let their process and procedural standards slide, introducing multiple risks. If a company is accredited, regular auditing is carried out on a spot-check basis, and ensures that manufacturing and installation quality remains consistent with the test quality. Auditing therefore acts as a guarantee of standards.

Why Does Traceability Matter?

One of the purposes of third-party accreditation is to create a transparent paper trail. In the case of fire doors, this involves a unique labelling system that traces the contact details, certification number, serial number, and rating for each door. This can be particularly helpful for insurance purposes and when establishing accountability.

Does The Fire Door Installer Need a Certification?

The standard of installation can make a significant difference to fire door performance. The third-party accreditation can easily be rendered invalid if mistakes are made regarding the positioning of the door, the location of the hinges, and its sizing, so it is important to select a contractor with the correct certification. The gold standard is BM Trada, which is the only regulated fire door installation certification currently available in the UK.

How Can Mila Maintenance Help?

At Mila Maintenance, we take our third-party accreditation seriously. Our experienced teams are fully BM Trada certified for fire door installation, inspection, and maintenance. Our flagship fire door is the Sentry Door, which has a BM Trada Certification for Manufacturing, giving customers a fully tested and traceable door that can be easily and efficiently maintained throughout its lifetime. This combination of certifications offers guaranteed quality, guaranteed standards, and guaranteed peace of mind.

Next Steps

To learn more about how third-party accreditation can help you to meet your fire safety obligations, or for advice and guidance about fire doors, our friendly team is here to help. For more information, please give us a call.

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