The Impact Of Regular Window Maintenance On High-Rise Properties

Property maintenance is essential for buildings of all sizes and styles, but if you own or manage a high-rise building, the logistical challenges posed when trying to access upper storeys can be a significant deterrent. However, without timely property management and maintenance – such as window and door repair – problems can become insurmountable, increasing costs, and driving down the value of the building.

So, how can regular window maintenance of high-rise buildings enhance a property’s appeal and value?

Lower Cost of Repairs in the Long-term

When problems with windows are identified promptly, it’s cheaper to carry out repairs and prevents more complex issues from developing. Simple problems may be remedied from inside the property without the need for specialist equipment and tools, particularly on upper storeys where accessibility is a key issue. By regularly inspecting and maintaining windows, owners of high-rise buildings can identify and address minor issues before they escalate, preserving the value of the property and saving money in the long run.

Improved Safety for Residents

Poorly maintained windows create a risk to the safety of residents both inside and outside the property.  There have been examples of windows or parts of windows falling from High-Rise buildings which would kill or seriously injure a person on the ground if it fell on them.

There is also the risk of residents falling from windows on high-rise properties if window parts fail and the window falls out.  Incorrectly restricted windows are also a risk to residents and there are sadly too many examples of children falling from high-rise windows each year causing loss of life.

It is the responsibility of the landlord to understand the potential risks for residents of the building and ensure they have installed suitable safety measures and carry out regular maintenance to ensure they are fully operational.

Energy Efficiency Cost Savings

Effective window maintenance contributes to improved energy efficiency within a high-rise property. By sealing gaps or cracks in the frame, repairing damaged seals, and ensuring proper insulation, air leaks and draughts can be prevented. In winter, the interior of the building will be warmer, with less reliance on expensive heating; in summer, living conditions will be cooler and more pleasant. Improved energy efficiency results in important cost savings and stimulates interest from buyers or renters, as energy-efficient properties are highly sought after.

Preserving Structural Integrity And Air Quality

Properly maintained windows prevent water damage, rot, and mould growth, which can impact a property’s structural integrity and interior air quality. Water that seeps into a building through damaged or poorly maintained windows can cause damage to masonry and plasterwork, compromising the building’s stability. Also, the persistent dampness caused by water ingress encourages mould growth, which is harmful to residents’ health and wellbeing. Regular window maintenance mitigates these risks and ensures a safe and healthy living environment.

Increased Property Value

A high-rise property that has clean and well-maintained windows and is energy efficient and structurally sound is likely to have a higher value and be more attractive to potential buyers or renters. Aesthetically pleasing windows and energy-efficient features are highly desirable and can positively affect the property’s marketability and value.

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