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Installations Operations Manager
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Dean Bradford is Installation Operations Manager for Mila Maintenance and Installation and is a part of the Senior Management Team. Based in Sheffield he spent the first five years of his time with the company on sites in London where the daily challenges of managing large contracts whetted his appetite for personal development and how this might benefit the company by opening up new avenues for business.

“It’s fair to say that when I joined Mila Maintenance and Installation I wasn’t expecting to spend the next five years in London. ‘A few weeks’ was how it was sold to me, but I enjoyed every single day of it and I still spend a great deal of time down there even now. I learned so much in that time and it gave me the opportunity to realise that if I pushed myself I could benefit by developing my own skills and experience, and this could also benefit the company”.

Dean Bradford's role at Mila Maintenance

“I had been at the same company for 20 years, installing windows and doors prior to joining Mila Maintenance and Installation. When that company went bust I didn’t hesitate to take up a new challenge, and I knew the skills I had developed over that period were something that didn’t exist here. It gave me the opportunity to contribute something new from the outset”.

“One of the things I really like is the opportunity to undertake training, and a part of this was the opportunity to become the company’s lead in terms of fire door installation, and more recently fire door maintenance. Going through a formal accreditation process with BM Trada was really rewarding and it gave us a head start as a company when it came to offering these specialist services”.

“We had already developed our reputation in this field prior to the tragedy at Grenfell, but since then our services have been in great demand, including being involved in the replacement of fire doors in the highly sensitive Camden housing blocks.”

“Independent Inspectors on those sites marked us out as the most efficient provider of fire door installation services of all of those involved in the area, and both on a personal and a company level that is really rewarding”.

“As a company we all push really hard to be the best at what we do, our standards are definitely higher than many of our competitors and that because we simply won’t accept second best”.

“We push our supply chains really hard to help us source and deliver the right fit for purpose components for whichever job we are involved in, our internal team never stops looking for better and more efficient ways of working, and our site teams always seek to deliver the best service imaginable”.

“These are some of the reasons why the company is celebrating 30 years of continuous trading, and why we have now completed over 1.2 million individual jobs in that time”.

“Our resident feedback scores are outstanding, and we enter the next period of our history not sat on our laurels for a job well done, but with the approach of seeing what we can do better in the future”.

Outside of work

Dean is blessed with twin children – a boy and a girl aged 12-years old and spends most of his free time transporting his son to football matches.

“My son has been fortunate enough to have won a place with Sheffield Wednesday’s Youth Academy, so most of my free time is spent watching my son train or play football. I played myself from the age of 18-years until I was 30; semi-pro, so it’s lovely to see that he may well following in my footsteps.

“I do get some rewards out of being a dad chauffer, every home match I get to watch Sheffield play, as he normally has to attend the match as a ball boy.”

Dean also enjoys a spot of fishing and annually organises a ‘Boy’s weekend trip’ to Decoy Lakes, Peterborough.

“With 11 different lakes on site, Decoy is a great place to get away and spend some time with the lads. Fishing is a good way of relaxing and taking your mind off the busy demands day to day.”

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