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Commercial Manager
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Rick joined Mila Maintenance and Installation in 2016 and is now Commercial Manager operating as a part of the Senior Management Team

Rick Awdas's role at Mila Maintenance

Rick joined Mila Maintenance and Installation in 2016 and is now Commercial Manager operating as a part of the Senior Management Team. Spending most of his career working for organisations in this sector, he has a good affiliation with the needs of clients and the housing sector.

“The experience I have gained working in the social housing arena plays a vital part in my job role here – I have a good understanding of the terminologies, practices and processes used by our clients, enabling me to work with them and to appreciate their needs.”

Rick’s career has allowed him to experience a range of roles within the sector, such as asset management, supply chain management, an appreciation of ‘Value-for-Money’ initiatives and chairing a ‘National Scrutiny Panel’ for a large housing association.

“I was fortunate to stand as Chairman for one of Riverside’s National Scrutiny Committees (NSC), an initiative set up to examine different areas of service for the association. Our group assisted service managers, by sharing our opinions, before projects were rolled out. This gained me a good understanding from a tenant’s perspective and an insight into how the associations develop polices for other areas.”

Albeit, Rick is not primarily from a window and door background, his commercial input to the business has been greatly received by his fellow colleagues, and with their support has aided him to develop his technical expertise.

“I have a strong commercial background but lacked certain technical know-how when first joining the company. My work colleagues have been fantastic in supporting me to improve and develop quickly in this area of my role – I am very grateful.”

Outside of work

Rick, recently adopted Murray, a two-year-old, cross border terrier, who had been brought into the UK from Spain. “Unfortunately, his family were unable to keep Murray, so we took him in. I have been spending a lot of time walking and training him to like other dogs since his arrival. He is still quite young and very territorial.”

Rick also donates his time at a local football club – FC United of Manchester. The club is structured as a Community Benefit Society organisation, which means it is owned by its members – mainly made up of the local community. Anyone is welcome to a share of the club, allowed to vote on its future.

“In 2015, the club had a new 5000 seated stadium built, costing in the region of about £5/6m. This has given the club a great setting to play in the National Northern League. I have been involved with FC United in one capacity or another, since it was first set up in 2005. I currently, spend most of my weekends when the teams are at home, operating the public-address system at the grounds.”

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“It was a fitting reward for the way the whole team thinks and works, we are always looking at ways we can do our job better, even if this means introducing completely new ideas, and at how these new ideas can help our clients and their residents”.

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